The Best Cars Under S$100k in Singapore

Hatching a plan: SUVs and Hatches

Honda Jazz – Still got the jive
Price: Jazz RS 1.5 S$87,999
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Another familiar name that’s still going strong, the Jazz has endured through its near-magical ability to be more spacious than it looks, pairing that with Honda’s typical fun driving dynamics. Currently, the least expensive Jazz, the 1.3 base model, only costs S$73,999 with COE and that’s a bargain and a half, but we recommend the upper range RS model with a peppier 1.5-litre engine and more features – it’s still S$12k below our S$100k budget! 

Honda HR-V – The SUV Usurper I
Price: HR-V from S$98,999 with COE 
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One of the most popular cars in Singapore in the past half decade and for good reason: It takes the usefulness and spaciousness of the Jazz compact hatch, but pairs that with SUV styling (which is how SUVs have caused the compact hatch market to dwindle).
The most expensive HR-V is the LX, which breaks our budget at S$102,999 with COE –  but the standard model at S$98,999 with COE still offers the crux of the HR-V experience. Looking to save more cash? The least variant only costs S$91,999 with COE. 

Kia Stonic – The SUV Usurper II
Price: Kia Stonic 1.0 S$81,999 with COE 
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Like the HR-V, the Stonic effectively displaced the compact hatches competing with it – proof enough is that Kia no longer sells the Rio or Picanto here. The Stonic achieved that with its good space for four, feature-rich nature, and perky 1.0-litre turbo engine. The more expensive versions are the Two Tone  (S$87,999 with COE) and Sunroof (S$86,999 with COE, formerly known as theSX model), which add what they say they do, but the base model at S$81,999 is great value. 

MG HS 1.5T in Singapore

MG HS –  The Shanghai Shocker 
Price: MG HS S$99,888 with COE 
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We’d be overjoyed if there were no more curve balls in the car industry this year, but this is a welcome one: MG is a UK brand, now owned by Chinese giant SAIC, but that’s all you need to know. Throw absolutely all the assumptions you would make when hearing ‘Chinese made car’ and just go and test drive the MG HS. Bar none, you can’t get more car for the dollar right now, and the fact that it has quality to rival the Japanese and Koreans means it’s a game changer.

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