The Best Luxury Small Sedans in Singapore

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Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class

The one that started it all, the CLA is a fine choice for buyers looking for an extremely stylish small luxury sedan. However, the second generation model has seen its positioning moved upmarket following the introduction of the A-Class Saloon, and its pricing is now reflective of its new status.

While the new CLA may be expensive, with prices starting from $173,888 with COE for the CLA 200 Progressive model, it remains an attractive proposition for those who place good looks over outright practicality.


But more than that, the CLA is also somewhat more well-sorted to drive over its A-Class Saloon sibling. Its refinement is reminiscent of a bigger-sized Mercedes-Benz sedan, and the ride is surprisingly comfortable, especially in the Progressive variant with softer springs.

At the same time, the CLA probably handles the best out of the Mercedes-Benz small car quartet (A-Class Hatch, A-Class Saloon and B-Class), with great poise and composure in its handling abilities, and its driving demeanour strikes a nice balance between sportiness and comfort. Powertrains are shared with its small car siblings, so the same 1.3-litre 163hp turbo petrol also sees service here.

If you don’t mind the slightly restrictive rear headroom for taller passengers, and the higher entry price point, the CLA is probably the one to get for the trend-setting single or young couple with an eye for premium style.

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