Vespa Racing Sixties: Sprint back to the Super days of racing

They say if you can remember the ’60s you weren’t there. But you can always pretend, with these nostalgia-stoking Vespas

SINGAPORE — Relive the golden age of racing! Go flat out in a dodgy Tuscan street race! Suffer zero consequences when you crash! If it all sounds like the makings of a video game, that’s because it is.

Vespa is paying homage to the glam heyday of racing in the 1960s with an online game that promotes “Racing Sixties” editions of the GTS Super and Sprint 150. Or should that be the other way ’round?

Anyway, log on to, sign up and let those fingers take you to racing glory. You get the chance to win actual prizes, plus the admiration of all humanity until the end of time, of course. See if you can beat our writer’s crap score of 26.29 seconds. Go on, we dare you.

While you’re on the site you might as well read the accompanying comic and learn more about the Racing Sixties scooters that Vespa importer Mah Pte Ltd is selling.

The scoots are styling specials that come in two main colour schemes. The red-and-white edition is more modern, while the green-and-yellow bikes are meant to be more elegantly sporty.

Each Racing Sixties scooter has a new saddle covered in nubuck leather (coated with PVC for water resistance) with fancy stitching. They also also trade the usual chrome plating for gold metallic finish on the wheel rims and matte black grab handles and footpegs.

The Vespa Sprint 150 versions (above) have a 155cc single-cylinder with 13 horsepower and 13 Newton-metres of peak torque, and despite the retro styling the Sprint range comes with modern touches such as a USB charging port and anti-lock brakes.

The model more likely to live up to the “Racing Sixties” label is the GTS Super, whose 24hp, 278cc engine provides hilariously punchy performance. It also has anti-lock brakes but comes with traction control, too.

Vespa being Vespa, there are matching garments and helmets to complete the Racing Sixties theme. What good is reliving the 1960s if you don’t look the part?

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