VIDEO: 5 Things You Didn’t Know A BMW Could Do (Besides Driving Damn Well)

The CarBuyer Team delves into five things in and around driving showing how a modern BMW can be a boon to the Singaporean driver


BMWs are known for being wonderful cars to drive, but the German luxury brand has long been at the cutting-edge of making its cars far more than just machines for moving your body and soul, but also making everything about driving easier and better.

From controlling your car via an app, to having an AI-assistant inside the car smart enough to talk with, to getting out of tight spots and slowdowns in the concrete jungle. Here are five things you may not have known a BMW can do:

00:00 – Intro
00:22 – 1. You don’t need a hand, or even a key, to unlock one: Smart Access, Digital Key
02:17 – 2. You can have an intelligent conversation with one: Intelligent Personal Assistant
03:07 – Can BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant find you chicken rice?
03:33 – Intelligent Personal Assistant : Which bits are intelligent and personal?
04:20 – 3. A BMW can reverse park, parallel park and even reverse out for you: Parking / Reversing Assistant
04:46 – How does the Reverse Assistant perform on a mini obstacle course?
06:55 – 4. A BMW can save you time, even when on the move : BMW Concierge Services, Real Time Traffic Information
07:22 – What does the BMW Concierge Service do?
08:21 – RTTI helps you to avoid jams and slowdowns on the go
09:04 – 5. A BMW is now a smart device on wheels: BMW ConnectedDrive
09:15 – What exactly is BMW ConnectedDrive?
09:55 – How to control your BMW remotely via an app
10:20 – What a BMW can do for you in 2020

Featured in this video: 2020 BMW 218i Gran Coupe M Sport in Storm Grey Metallic. For’s review of this particular model, read here!

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