2021 Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo Review: Middle Ground

The 11th-generation Honda Civic brings back its turbo engine and introduces lots of safety tech, but is it worth its asking price?

Photos: Lionel Kong


The Honda Civic is a name with a long and storied heritage in automotive circles. In its heyday, the Civic, along with its great rival the Toyota Corolla, was pretty much the go-to choice for those shopping in the uber-important mainstream family sedan segment in Singapore.

Things are markedly different these days however. The Civic now faces much greater competition than ever before, most notably from the Koreans who are making great strides in attempting to best the Japanese at their game with their excellent all-round value. There’s also heat from above, with Continental rivals like Skoda looking to edge into the family segment, offering European quality at competitive prices.

Honda’s family sedan contender clearly has its work cut out then if it wants to stay relevant in the minds of car buyers here. The Civic’s recent history has been decidedly checkered, with Singaporeans taking to the outgoing 10th-generation model pretty well thanks to its unique style and energetic turbo engine. But the previous 9th-generation version was rather mediocre and sold poorly, although its cause wasn’t helped by sky high COE prices during its time on sale here.

The 11th-generation Civic therefore has a pretty tough task ahead of it, with the 10th-generation version setting a pretty high bar to live up to. The new model now boasts a cleaner design that’s more in line with the Honda family look first seen on the Accord and Jazz. The interior has also been completely refreshed, while the buzzy turbo engine has been retained, albeit with a twist. Will that be enough to keep customers away from the Koreans and Europeans though?

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