2021 Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 review: Insta-Punch Go

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1. Introduction
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Design and Interior

At first glance the car looks like just another upscale new luxury crossover SUV, but the first clue that it’s something else is how the lowest section of the entire car is clad in black plastic trim. It’s an illusion that is aiming to trick you into thinking that the car has a higher ground clearance than it really does for the SUV look, but don’t try driving over any rough stuff because the bottom of the car hangs just 142mm above the ground.

That’s because all the battery packs are stashed under the floor for a low centre of gravity, and the EQC has a very similar amount of ground clearance to an average sedan despite attempts to disguise it.

The exterior of the car is adorned with a bunch of EQC badges, and of course, there are no exhaust pipes. The interior will be familiar to any current Mercedes-Benz owner, as the user interface and switchgear are mostly current-gen componentry. The air conditioning vents are new and now integrate neatly into the dashboard, with a small shelf beneath the main screen to rest your wrist on while operating it.

It’s spacious and has plenty of room for five, with very comfortable seats. The boot is quite shallow though, no doubt because of the electric motor between the rear wheels.

There’s a strange design decision with the inclusion of a full-length side step on the car. We’ve already established that the EQC doesn’t ride very high and you can step into it like a regular sedan, so the side step ends up being situated at shin level, adding width to the door sill, and is perfectly placed to bash shins on the way into the car.

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