BMW Motorrad’s Grand Slam II makes a big splash

BMW Motorrad Grand Slam II 2019

BMW’s Motorrad Singapore’s off-road event was a wet-n-wild rumble in the jungle for customers and participants 

Johor Bahru, Malaysia –

BMW Motorrad held the second iteration of its off-road themed Grand Slam event on April 27-28, at Ulu Choh Dirt Park in Johor Bahru Malaysia.

BMW Motorrad Grand Slam II 2019

It marks an expansion on the first edition of the event, Grand Slam I , which was held last year  on 7-8 April, 2018 at the Sarimbun Scout Camp on Jalan Bahtera. 2018.

Grand Slam is an off-road centric event that heavily features BMW Motorrad’s GS models (hence the ‘GS’ acronym). ‘GS’ stands for ‘gelande/strasse’, or ‘off-road/road’, highlighting the dual-sport nature of the bikes.

BMW Motorrad Grand Slam II 2019
BMW R 1250 GS

The star of the event was the latest version of BMW’s all-conquering adventure motorcycle, the R 1250 GS, which had its Singaporean debut just a week earlier in an interesting (literal) unboxing event at the BMW Motorrad showroom. You can read all the details of that in the following story.

The event, which was open to everyone, saw more than 150 participants, and allowed riders to test BMW’s GS models in a controlled and safe environment.

BMW Motorrad Grand Slam II 2019

That was made possible by the venue, Ulu Choh Dirt Park, which is a dedicated off-road facility located 20 minutes from Tuas Second Link, allowed the entire range of BMW GS models to display their off-road prowess.

BMW Motorrad Grand Slam II 2019

A heavy downpour the night before and morning of the event turned the track into tricky, mud-filled romp, but that didn’t seem to dampen the test riders’ enthusiasm at all, with the test ride slots constantly being filled for almost the whole day.  

BMW Motorrad Grand Slam II 2019

Available for test rides were the R 1250 GS, its predecessor the R 1200 GS, the middle-weight F 850 GS, and entry-level G 310 GS. The tricky nature of the mud meant some riders took a tumble, but the environment of a specialised off-road track and protective gear meant nobody was hurt, which is precisely the point of a riding showcase event like Grand Slam.

BMW Motorrad Grand Slam II 2019

For some it was also a chance to see the GS’ claimed ‘unstoppable’ nature in action – they can handle far more punishment than you’d expect from a luxury motorcycle.

Besides test rides, there was also a recruitment call for the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy qualifiers – the GS Trophy brings teams of riders from all over the world competing in a sort of off-road Olympics – on you can read how Ju-Len braved the elements two years ago as an embedded journalist in the SEA Team.

BMW Motorrad Grand Slam II 2019

Other activities included the usual food and drink stalls and products in a carnival style arrangement, as well as ATV Joy Rides for non-bikers to get in on the dirty action, as well as a Dusk Trail on the enduro trails of Ulu Choh in the evening.

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