CarBuyer Analysis: Singapore’s Top 10 Car Brands of 2020 – and lots more

Bringing cross to bear

Analysing the Land Transport Authority’s registrations by body type, we saw hatchbacks continue on in a stable fashion last year. MPVs suffered a major decline, as the SUV segment boomed at its expense. That’s because the seven-seat SUV has now replaced the MPVs as a slightly less practical but much less fuddy-duddy alternative, and there are seven-seat SUVs now in almost every tier from small to medium, mainstream to luxury, and beyond. You only have to look at Peugeot’s main sellers, the 3008 and 5008, which morphed from MPVs to SUVs.

Percentage is more important here than raw numbers, and we see immediately that sedans are the car of choice for Singaporeans in 2020 — but SUVs are closer than ever before.

There’s now a crossover for every taste – including the super-lux, million-buck taste as this Maybach GLS (due in Singapore this year) shows

In percentage terms, the two are the dominant body types here, with sedans enjoying a slim lead (with 34 percent of the market) over SUVs (33.54 percent). In raw numbers that’s 15,119 sedans sold against 14,914 SUVs.

Looking back at CarBuyer’s own reviews from 2020, it’s clear to see what body style is all the rage right now, and it shows across budgets. Mitsubishi’s line-up is almost totally SUVs, Mercedes has a crazy eight of them counting new releases in 2021, Toyota has four of them, the list goes on. 

We think in 2021 SUVs will finally flip the tables and pull ahead of sedans. Why? As we explain later, hybrids already have the advantage in 2021, and many hybrids are SUVs (because of packaging/layout). Some popular models will be hybrids, too: Toyota’s Harrier and Yaris Cross (already both strong sellers), Honda’s next HR-V will be a hybrid, as will the Nissan Qashqai, in addition to the existing (and strong-selling) Kicks E-Power.

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