Mercedes EQB electrifies the seven-seat GLB

Mercedes unveils EQB seven-seater EV at Shanghai Motor Show; set for 2022 Singapore debut

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Mercedes-EQ has unveiled the EQB, a seven-seater electric SUV, at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show. The EQB is expected to arrive in Singapore some time in 2022, and is essentially an electrified version of the GLB seven-seater small SUV that was launched here last year.

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Both cars share the same MFA2 platform architecture, which mirrors the strategy adopted by the EQA and GLA. The visual similarities between the EQB and GLB are therefore evident, but the electric version is differentiated through its smoothened black grille up front, slimmer headlights, as well as the slim single bar tail light treatment at the back.

Mercedes-EQ did not release details about the EQB’s drivetrains, but it is expected to launch with the EQB 250, which will have the same 190hp output as the EQA 250, and a range of around 420km. A more powerful EQB 350 4Matic variant will join the lineup at a later date, and is expected to have a dual-motor setup with around 240hp and a range of 480km. Versions with more power and longer ranges are also in the pipeline.

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Like the EQA, the EQB’s interior mostly mimics its ICE-powered sibling, with broadly the same design and layout, only differentiated by unique instrument graphics and rose gold trim elements. Aside from that, the EQB’s cabin remains virtually unchanged from the GLB.

That means the EQB can be had with five or seven-seater options, like the GLB. In order to accommodate the car’s electric drivetrain however, boot space has been reduced by 75 litres in the five-seat version, to 495 litres. With the rear seats folded down, the EQB’s cargo capacity expands to 1,710 litres.

The EQB is the fourth car to be launched under the Mercedes-EQ electric sub-brand, joining the EQC mid-sized SUV, EQA small crossover, and EQS luxury saloon, and solidifies Mercedes’ electric car onslaught. An E-Class equivalent EQE is expected to launch later this year, bringing the Mercedes-EQ range to five model strong.

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