The Best Compact Hatchbacks in Singapore [Updated]

Compact hatchbacks are the ideal choice for drivers who want a car that’s easy to drive and park in Singapore’s tight urban space. ranks the best of the compact hatchback bunch here

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What makes these cars ‘the best’? :

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UPDATED July 2021 – updated Honda Jazz
UPDATED June 2021 – updated Suzuki Swift Sport
UPDATED April 2021 – updated Suzuki Swift, added Nissan Note e-Power
First published: June 2020


Welcome back to another instalment of our Best Cars Of Singapore stories, a guide series that will be updated regularly, and where we help you pick the best cars in each segment here in Singapore.

We’re looking at compact hatchbacks, a segment that’s popular among younger and/or first-time drivers, or simply those who don’t need such a big car in tiny Singapore.

The appeal of compact hatchbacks here is clear to see. Their small dimensions mean that they’re easy to drive and park in an urban environment and there’s less to worry about dinging or scratching in tight spots.

The other advantage of a compact size is of course a compact price tag.

Most of these cars cost around S$100,000 or so with COE, making them the perfect choice as starter cars for the first time buyer. Overall running costs are lower too, as they incur lesser road tax due to their smaller engines, while usually returning decent fuel economy as well, and smaller insurance premiums. 

Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices affect these cars the most, which is why in recent years more people have simply switched up to a mainstream sedan or small SUV, which is also why Kia’s Picanto and Hyundai’s Getz have totally disappeared from local price lists.

However the best compact hatches still command a following, and for good reason. makes it easy for you to zero in on the best you can get in Singapore, and below we sort out the wheat from the chaff to recommend the best compact hatchbacks you can buy here in Singapore, to ensure that your money is well spent.

What to look for in a compact hatch?

  1. Small size, good visibility
  2. Small engine less than 1.6-litres
  3. Fuel efficiency better than 6.0L/100km
  4. Ability to fit four adults, boot space of at least 250-litres

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