2020 Audi RS 4 Avant Review: Join The Cult [w/video]

In contrast, the interior sees the relentless crush of onward progress more obviously. As on the A4, a new 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system reflects the shift toward MIB3, which is not a movie sequel that shouldn’t have been made, but VW Group’s latest infotainment system.

Again, just like the A4, the benefits are more connectivity, sharper graphics, and quick load times, Audi’s 4G connection also allows improved nav, search, even if you don’t pair up your phone with Apple/Android connectivity. 

But just like the A4, the screen is mounted high on the dash, good for visibility and without the irritating mirror reflections of the Mercedes MBUX systems, but it requires you to lean left and forward a little to actually touch it, and like all touchscreens it’s distracting to use while driving.

The usual go-faster bits are here too: There’s a flat-bottomed steering wheel covered in perforated leather which features larger, metal shift paddles that are nicer to touch than the plastic ones from before. RS sport seats with side-bolster adjust-ability and diamond quilting. 

Aside from that the car remains very practical since it’s an Avant. The A4 has good rear passenger room, nothing digs into your hairdo since there no sloping roofline nonsense, while the boot can carry 495-litres in its wide, square load space that has an integrated cover, mesh divider, and cargo net.

Flop the 40/20/40 seats down and you have 1,495-litres to play with, although you’d better make sure you have whatever it is tied down.

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