Inaugural EV Weekend Singapore electric car show kicks off on December 3

EV Weekend. Singapore's first and largest electric vehicle event.

Experience the latest electric vehicles (EVs) at Singapore’s first and largest electric vehicle event, happening from 3rd to 12th December 2021 at Resorts World Sentosa


Featuring the latest electric cars, service providers and industry players, the first-ever EV Weekend in Singapore is a complete showcase of electric mobility. While the physical event takes place at Resorts World Sentosa, you can also experience it online as well, by heading over to

Where is it happening?

The show is set to take place at The Forum, located at Resorts World Sentosa. Expect to get up close and personal with the biggest EV brands available in Singapore, with brand showcases and experience zones.

The EV Weekend hall will be open from 3rd December until 12th December, and you can find out everything you want to know about the current and upcoming electric vehicle range from the likes of luxury carmakers like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz to regular mainstream electric family cars from MG and Kia. Cars like the Audi E-Tron, Mercedes-EQ EQA, and BMW iX will be present at the event, all in one place.

What is happening at the show?

See, touch and experience the latest electric cars. View electric cars from the comfort of your own home. An inside look at EV Ownership.

Expect a line up of the latest electric car brands under one roof. Learn more about how you can transition from a petrol-powered car to an electric one, how Singapore is ramping up its EV charging infrastructure to become a fully EV-friendly city, and the future of electric motoring in Singapore.

Better yet, you can sign up for EV test drives that will take place from Friday 10th December to Sunday 12th December, from 12pm to 8pm each day.

These models will be on display at EV Weekend for you to check out, and most will be available for test drive experience too! Click on the names to find out more about each car

There are also online panel discussions that will be viewable over the internet or at the EV Weekend hall happening on 9th December. Get an inside look on EV ownership in Singapore today, as electric car owners, industry experts and regulators discuss how electric vehicles will integrate into the Singaporean motoring landscape.

Can you really conveniently drive an EV while living in a HDB flat and rely on public charging facilities? What happens if your EV runs out of battery power? How are EV taxes calculated? We’ll find out the answers to these and more through real-world experiences from the people who already own EVs, and the regulators that set the rules.

Why should I be interested?

The electric vehicle revolution is well underway across the world. Singapore is eager to stay on pace with the other developed countries so you can expect petrol prices to be priced higher than ever in the years ahead. The relevant agencies are encouraging the people here to turn towards electric and petrol-electric hybrid vehicles, and if you’re a car owner or plan to be one soon, the EV Weekend is the best place to get informed and do your research.

How do I find out more?

Besides being at The Forum of Resorts World Sentosa during the EV Weekend show duration, you can also jump to, where you can register for the event and book a slot with one of the electric vehicle test drives to experience the electric revolution first-hand. Remember, the show is happening from 3rd to 12th December 2021, but test drives are only limited from 10th to 12th December, so book a place early to be assured of a driving slot.

EV Weekend is Singapore’s First and Largest Electric Vehicle event, and it’s on from 3-12 December 2021 at Resorts World Sentosa! Check out the latest EVs from Audi, BMW, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, MG, Mini – see them in person, test drive them, and understand all there is to know about EV ownership and more. Sign up at to find out more and win exciting prizes.

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